With digital invitation management the invitation of guests will be easy.

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Especially developed tools enable a secure and fast visitor management.

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Cashless Payment leads to an increase in sales and in the event experience.

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Entertainment marketing at events simplifies lead generation.

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FLAVE is an expert in the field of event management and offers a premium guest and event solution, which is based on the newest technology. FLAVE collaborates with event agencies and has created a solution, which on the one hand generates data, and on the other hand boosts the interaction of guests. Easy handling and the newest technology are the key to success. With the aid of NFC, RFID and smart badges FLAVE boosts the interaction of guests and saves you precious time and money. Especially in the field of entertainment marketing the importance of NFC and RFID is of major importance. FLAVE extends the overall event experience in the virtual room and therefore creates added value for event agencies as well as event guests. This will step up the game, increase the event experience and leads to a sustainable event analysis for the customer. A win-win situation is created which causes a positive event experience on all sides.

The goal was to offer an all-in-one solution for agencies in the field of event organization. FLAVE works with a broad system of various modules, which can be adjusted individually to different customer needs and wishes. The special thing about is, that software, hardware and any other individual modules can be tailored to the specific event and therefore is included in the whole customized package. Therefore, event marketing agencies are able to respond to the individual needs of their customers. With the help of FLAVE the perfect solution can be created. Since 2013 FLAVE has been present in the area of entertainment marketing and has worked with various national and international customers so far.

FLAVE Benefits

Target Group Marketing

Full Security

Easy and fast handling of crowds

Evaluation in real time