FLAVE stands for custom built digital event solutions. Whether it is invitation- and visitor management prior to your event, a virtual fair, a futuristic online platform or a hybrid event with live- and online components – we make it happen for you.

Our philosophy

Quality: we solve the technically demanding challenges of the digital event world – for a positive event experience for organisers and their guests.

Professionalism: as digital event professionals from the very beginning, we know what needs to be done and how to go about it – and we do it with heart and mind.

Individuality: their events are as individual as our customers. Our solution – tailor-made for a lasting impression.

Our top priority is to create a successful event and added value for everyone involved.


Our FLAVE modules


With digital invitation management the invitation of guests will be easy.

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Especially developed tools enable a secure and fast visitor management.

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Unlimited possibilities with our solutions for virtual and hybrid events.

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Entertainment marketing at events simplifies lead generation.

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Company History – an idea turns to FLAVE



The idea for FLAVE is born:

A guy from Styria and a guy from Vienna get to know each other at University. They organize gaming events and experience the logistical problems of event organizers first hand. They set out to find technical solutions to simplify the logistics of invitations as well as improve upon on-site participant-management. They pioneer NFC-solutions to automate admittance and social media activities. Their proof of concept soon follows with a few thousand high-school graduates and a small staff of contributors. After their first success, they gain confidence that their idea has potential for the event industry at large. 


The idea becomes a company: The FLAVE GmbH

Gerhard Hauser, one of the two founders, takes the helm. He did already show potential early on in his career, being voted one of the TOP-30 young entrepreneurs to watch. Now he is going full force to develop premium attendee- and event solutions. Together with his business partner he puts together a team of highly skilled developers with one common goal: FLAVE sets out to explore the space beyond simple ticket sales.




FLAVE grows!

More and more organizers see the benefits in digital invite- and attendee management and FLAVE’s customer base, especially in B2B, grows rapidly. Event agencies are also increasingly interested in using FLAVE’s smart event-tools for their customers. The growing customer base also shows one thing very clearly: every event is different. FLAVE realizes this and keeps fine-tuning their digital customer- and event solutions to the individual needs of their clients. FLAVE focuses mostly on the German-speaking markets and their potential; it has however also realized projects for customers in the Middle East and the US.


FLAVE links the real world to the digital world

Customers experience a growing need for digital interactivity and FLAVE adjusts its portfolio accordingly. FLAVE uses NFC-technology to integrate prize games, photo stations, surveys and quizzes into the live-events of their clients. The FLAVE navigator is a smartphone app that guides customers through the highlights of events and allows for easy link-up with their social media accounts. For the organizers, using FLAVE tools means in-depth event-data analysis as well as precisely targeted marketing before, during and after the event.

A particular highlight of 2018 was the “Horizont” event that has been honored with 3 different awards: the international BestEventAward, the Austrian Event Award and the Webex Award.





FLAVE goes virtual

2020 has been an extraordinarily challenging year for many and FLAVE is no exception. With the event industry grinding to a halt in March, many players in the field were looking for solutions – and so was FLAVE – together with its partners and customers. While FLAVE used to be the partner for the digital portion of live events, it is now letting attendees experience whole events digitally. Together with its customers the FLAVE team develops solutions to transition the planned congresses, fairs and conventions into fully digital experiences. But it’s not all digital, success was also being had offline: the FLAVE reservations- and registration management made it possible for the few live events of our customers to be held in full compliance with the corona regulations of the time. The highlight of the year came again in form of recognition in the field – the virtual “Ringana Convention 2020” managed to snag up a gold and a silver award at the Best Event Awards.


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