FLAVE is a premium guest and event solution that started out as an IT project and by now has grown to be one of the European market leaders when it comes to NFC and RFID technology. With the aid of smart badges FLAVE counts on seamless interaction.

Our philosophy

Quality. Professionality. Individuality. FLAVE aims to provide an all-in-one solution for our customers. We offer a comprehensive module system which can be customized for different needs and wishes. Software, hardware and sub-modules can be individualized and will be provided by FLAVE. Our main priority is to create an added value for all parties.

Our FLAVE modules

With digital invitation management the invitation of guests will be easy.

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Especially developed tools enable a secure and fast visitor management.

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Cashless Payment leads to an increase in sales and in the event experience.

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Entertainment marketing at events simplifies lead generation.

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Corporate history – An idea became a company


FLAVE was originally founded by two close friends – a Viennese and a Styrian – who got to know each other while their studies. Through the organization of some gaming events they found out firsthand what event organizers really need. That’s when the idea of FLAVE was born. In the beginning it started out with a few thousand graduate students and a small care team. Over the years the idea has developed to become a premium guest and event solution for whole Europe. The NFC technology was primarily used to simplify social media activities. Quickly it was figured out that NFC technology could be also of major importance for the logistics of events.


The FLAVE GmbH was founded. Out of a passionate project an independent company has been created. From now on FLAVE was dedicated to provide premium guest and event solutions for different needs. Gerhard Hauser, who also won a price as a top young entrepreneur in his early career, operates as the CEO of the company. Over the years he expanded the small team and wants to position FLAVE where the ticket sale ends.


The Austrian market was strengthened and key-stakeholder-relationships were developed. FLAVE also found his way into the global market and started projects in USA and Middle East in cooperation with foreign agencies.


Nowadays FLAVE is a top performer in the field of smart premium solutions for guests and events. The focus is on creating ultimately unforgettable event experiences by offering different modules which can be customized individually. Driven by a passion for technology and innovation, FLAVE feels obliged to create a customer journey at the end of the bare ticket sale.

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