In a fast-paced world cashless payment is becoming increasingly important. At the same time security and simplicity plays a central role for the customers. For an overall positive event experience though cashless payment is indispensable.

Operation of our cashless payment module

Deposit money

Cashless payment

Checking bank account

Automatic reversal of remaining credit

Key Features

With a great deal of understanding for the wishes and needs of our customers, our solution for cashless payment delivers the most developed features – individually for any kind of event. A few of the main features are:

  • Closed payment system on a secure server
  • Maximal failure safety
  • Automatic age control
  • Coupon sale and performance bonus
  • Management of staff catering
  • Integration of cash register systems
  • Automatic reversal of remaining credit after the event
  • Connection of bank accounts or credit cards
  • Charge station for cash deposits on site
  • Analysis in real time

Our system for cashless payment guarantees maximal operating time with failure security. Through the implementation of this module event sales can be increased up to 20%.

FLAVE cashless payment benefits

Reduced waiting hours

Maximal security

Increase in sales

Automatic accessibility to cash registers

Control & Transparency

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