Photo station, quiz and raffle are used in the field of entertainment marketing and represent a connection of the real world with the digital world. That way the customer journey of the guests will be continued in the virtual room.

Operation of our entertainment marketing module

Activity stations

Connecting offline with online

Data generation

Marketing automation and CRM connection

Key Features

Our premium guest and event solutions increase the event experience, simplify the integration of sponsors and partners and raise the visitor engagement. A few of the main features are:

  • Individually adjusted brand activation
  • Social media connection and email opt-in
  • Lead generation trough guest interaction in real time
  • Photo stations with photo printing and automatic upload
  • Handling of giveaways and raffles
  • Voting modules and feedback buzzer
  • Paperless events (e.g. paperless congress folders)
  • Download stations
  • Online dashboard with separate backend access
  • Analysis in real time

After the event a lot of visitors usually only remember the event by itself. With the integration of our entertainment marketing modules the event experience of your guests increases and therefore the brand value for event organizers and partners raises.

FLAVE entertainment marketing benefits

Target group marketing

Digital brand presentation

Increase of ROI through event interactions

Integration of sponsors

Visitor insights and analysis

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