Digital invitation management saves you precious time and money. With the aid of an especially developed solution you can reach high awareness even before the event and increase the interaction rate of your guests.

Operation of our invitation management module

Guest import

Email dispatch

Responsive login screen

Check-in on site

Key Features

Digital invitation management helps you in the process of event organization and simplifies the procedure. With the aid of technological applications, inviting guests will be made easy. You can register for an event with only a few simple klicks – anywhere, anytime, anyhow.

  • Guest import from excel or other database systems
  • Individually customized invitations
  • Invitation dispatch via mail
  • Digital logon screen with responsive design
  • Categorization in groups (e.g. assurance, cancellation, no response)
  • Digital check-in on site with name, QR-code or barcode
  • Integration of smart badges with the aid of NFC and RFID
  • Collecting data in real time
  • Evaluation of the invitation process
  • Custom made solutions without digital or technological limits

With our FLAVE invitation management you can build the foundation for a successful event. The whole procedure is fully automatic and can be transformed to any and all phases of the the event. Therefore, it is also possible to integrate workshop invitations or meeting appointments within the invitation management.

FLAVE invitation management benefits

Fast & simple

Optimization of the invitation process

Responsive design on all devices

Efficiency due to extensive automatization

Custom made solutions

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