Especially developed solutions help you organize the visitor management trouble-free. With the aid of special tools, registration and admission control can be done easily and also create valuable data for the customers.

Operation of our visitor management module

Digital check-in

Issuing name tag or wristband

Access validation

Visitor management

Key Features

The entrance portals and mobile scanning devices owned by FLAVE guarantee a precise and secure admission control with the aid of RFID and NFC based wristbands, name tags, key holders and smart badges. A few of the main features are:

  • Seamless integration of multiple ticketing systems
  • Separate event management software
  • Failure safety – regardless of weather or room conditions
  • Control of multiple entrance areas with only one system
  • Collecting data of guests in real time
  • Digital reporting
  • Live check of visitor capacity
  • Private server on site with maximal operating time
  • Printing of wristband or name tag
  • NFC integration

Our visitor management system works reliably and securely online and offline. Through integration of the FLAVE system long waiting hours can be avoided. Our goal is to increase the whole event experience.

FLAVE visitor management benefits

Security & Control

Protection from ticket fraud

Comprehensive visitor data

Optimization of resources

Fast admission and waiting time

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