RINGANA Kick off
Virtual event for RINGANA’s fresh-partners

After the extremely successful virtual events last year, Ringana started the year with a virtual kick-off event.  For this event we integrated additional features to those already tried and tested last year. They ensured even more interaction on the event platform:

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Our tasks

  • Digital personalised invitation and registration management

  • Customised multilingual online platform

  • Low latency live stream of the stage show in multiple languages

  • Break out rooms for country specific information

  • Videos on Demand in 12 languages, including sign language

  • Interactive mosaic portrait for RINGANA partners

  • Integrated shop for Ringana products

    A special highlight: A new official world record was set: the highest number of unboxing videos within one! hour was shot and uploaded to the platform. Impressive: 20,000! visitors took part in the event.